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"OKO" is an interactive service for receiving feedback from regular customers in real time. The technology is being realized through the Internet and SMS.

"OKO" allows you to get an objective assessment of the service from the consumers of your service. You can monitor the quality of service daily, without leaving the office, or vice versa, having got rid of necessity to be present on a workplace all day long.

At clients service points at the entrance, at the reception, counters, etc., there are information stands or stickers of the "OKO" service. They are include the following:

QR code, having to generate which, any visitor to an institution with an Internet-connected smartphone can go to the website of the service and leave a COMMENT (anonymous or with feedback) about what he liked or didn't like about the service.
Direct link to the website of "OKO" service (in case the person does not use the QR-scanner).
The number to which you can send SMS with text in case that the smartphone isn't connected to the Internet.

All comments from real visitors are placed in your "Account" on the website "OKO" within a few minutes after they were received. In your "Account" you can configure sending SMS-notifications to the needed numbers. And if you want, you can configure the redirection of reviews to the needed e-mail addresses.

How does "OKO" service compares favorably with "Mystery shopper" service?

"Mystery shopper" is the professional at the service
Carefully simulates a conflict, non-standard situation. Due to diligence can be disclosed.
Often doesn't even belong to the target audience. Objective. Fills out the check-list you have issued. Checks.
Personally not interested in the development of your business. Checks for the fee.
He must been given funds for the verification.
The same person can't check the same place continuously.
Interested in a worthy payment for the visit.
One person - one completed check-list.
"Mystery shopper" teaches the staff to recognize the catch and quickly wear a "friendly mask".
The "Mystery shopper" brings a check-list after some time.
As a rule, a regular customer doesn't notice a secret shopper.
The participant of the "OKO" service is a regular client
He doesn't model anything, he just needed to use the services.
The person to whom your business is oriented. Notes the details and assesses the situation as a whole according to the principle "I like or dislike, I'll be back or not".
He wants your service to become even better. After all from this the consumer will only benefit.
He makes a purchase, pays for the service from his own purse.
Нe can use the service daily and evaluate it from time to time.
Interested in improving the quality of service.
A lot of visitors - lots of reviews.
Motivates the staff to be at least polite all the time.
There is an opportunity to respond instantly to customer feedback.
"The owner has an " OKO ". So the owner and staff don't care how they serve me here ... I'll be back here ... "

In which spheres the service "OKO" will help
to stand out favorably among the competitors and increase profit

  • Trade, boutiques, shops, shopping malls
  • Restaurant business, cafes, bars
  • Household services, housing and communal services, laundries, hairdresser's, barber's
  • Tourism, agencies, hotels
  • Financial, legal, insurance organizations
  • Car-care center, gas stations, car dealers, car washes, tire fitting
  • Medicine, health, pharmacies, clinics, motels
  • Recreation, leisure, baths, water parks, night clubs
  • Transport, taxi, minibus, trains
  • Other services

We are often asked

Why should I have an "OKO"?

- the opportunity for the business owner to hear the opinions of his clients, and clients to be sure that their opinion is important and will be heard by the owner / business leader. Our service allows you to hear even a "silent" customer.
- increase in profits due to constant monitoring of the quality of service and, accordingly, an increase in the number of potential customers, buyers and the identification of their needs.
- identification of errors and shortcomings in the enterprise's work, the adjustment of business processes, business optimization.
- direct control over the actions of personnel of the whole enterprise or of a separate subdivision, branch, increase of discipline, responsibility of employees.
- detection and dispatching the information to the director about problems and violations by personnel hidden at different levels, remote control of the company's work.
- timely resolution of the conflict situation that arose with the client and allows solving the problem "in-place" or in the pre-trial order, as well as reducing the moral and financial damage.

I check everything by myself, besides, I have people who control everything ...

For sure employees don't change every day. People get used to each other. From the attention of the manager can slip away the details, which the inspector will consider insignificant. But they can prove to be important to the client. In addition, a person who is obviously aimed at checking and controlling, the mind works differently. He appraises on the principle of "there are no violations of standards and conflicts with customers, so everything is fine."
The client, who wrote through "OKO", not only appraises, but expresses his attitude to the service. And often sees not only the disadvantages, but also the advantages in the service. Customer comments can contain not only criticism, but also wishes, accordingly, could put an idea how to make a business even more successful.

What expenses and what equipment are necessary for working with the service "OKO"?

No additional or hidden costs. No costs for the equipment, its configuration and connection, Internet, mobile communications, software, licenses and electricity you won't need, except perhaps you need additional printing.

My contact phone number is always on a prominent place, any customer can call me ...

There are people who are psychologically difficult to just a call. Therefore his attitude and such a necessary comment for you a person is often "carries away in himself". In addition your customer can call just at the moment when the number is busy. And never get through. Which will further exacerbate the bad impression as it is unlikely that you are called to praise the staff. Call on the phone - when it's bad.
But to write a good comment - why not? In addition, one must be prepared to call telephone hooligans and swindlers, SPAM messages and other troubles.

I'm using a video surveillance system ...

And are you always near the monitor or are you viewing the whole record? Usually CCTV monitors movements, but it can not always show you if the customer is satisfied with the service. And not in all spheres of service can be installed CCTV cameras, for example, baths, hotels, and so on. And in some areas the camera won't show any problems - not laundered things in dry cleaners, not having enough cocktails in the bar and others.

There are public and untwisted services with the opportunity to leave comment about customer service. Why then one more?

Public services on customer reviews of course exist and they are needed. But many managers were faced with unhealthy competition when they were undeservedly blackened, "doused", and "cleaned up", removed a known lie or impossible, or problematic. Our service allows visitors to consult the management directly. And "poured mud" from competitors doesn't reach the ears of potential customers and it is means that it loses its meaning. And all comments, wishes and surveys are directly aimed at improving the business and come from real clients.

I don't want any feedback in the media and the Internet ...

All information: positive and negative comments about the nature of the enterprise's work, the work of staff, claims, proposals and photographs are the property of only the leader of businness and his trusted persons.

And still…

If your business doesn't in any way imply contact with people then you don't need a service. We don't offer this technology to this business. "OKO" for those who understand: other things being equal, the client will choose the company where it will be better served. And sometimes he'll pay more. But for first-class service. The fact, proven by practice: to keep a satisfied customer is much easier than to return a disgruntled.

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